Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Later Wed Night ...

It's late Wendesday night and I am back at the room and I can't even remember how to spell Wened ... Wend ... Wedens ... whatever!! Oh, the conference is exhausting and that is even before it starts. Thursday is the offiical kick off day and I have already had several meetings, several group settings and a few "let's meet for -- fill in beverage of your choice ... .

Don't get me wrong ... conferences are a lot of fun, but they do make you look at that great big queen bed at night -- probably earlier then you would at home -- and think "Yes ... salvation!!"

I tried wearing a pedometer today just to see how many steps one of these things takes in a day, but it fell off at about about 9:00pm and re-set to zero. When I looked at it at about 7:00pm, it was at about 5000 steps ... and at that point, I was still going.

And like I said, that was the first day, *before* the actual conference starts. So I am off to get a good nights sleep and then start off right tomorrow. I have a lot of meetings and the Death by Chocolate party and a whole lot of fun planned!! Can't wait!! I really do love being at the National Conference!!

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