Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The photo to the left is very important. In 1972 my parents took me to Washington, DC and took this exact photo in, I think, the same spot. I am still looking for the photo and have found the ones from JKK's tomb, from the Statue of Liberty and from Mt. Vernon, all taken on the same trip with the same purple dress my Mom made for me. Very 70ish.

Seeing the Lincoln Memorial after doing so much personal reading on the Great Emancipator was surreal. I don't remember much about the first trip except that I was sorta into Lincoln after doing a report on John Wilkes Booth in the fifth grade. But seeing the great Lincoln staring down at you, with the words of the Gettyberg Adress beside you ...

Next summer I hope to go back to DC with my whole family and take a photo of all my kids in this same place. Maybe by then, I would have found the original.

Has anyone noticed there is no writing talk on this writing blog now? Does this mean I get a small vacation after a seven say conference? ;)

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