Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Goals and Rewards ...

As most everyone knows I travel closely with a day planner named Miguel who keeps me in line on most days. Most days I do listen to him and when I do, it can be very good. When setting out a writing goal, I tag a reward to go with it and in my case, I don't do shoes, I don't do purses. I have a watch obsession and every time I have a major accomplishment in my career, I treat myself to the next watch waiting in line. That way every time I wear it I can remember "I got this watch when I ..."

Welcome in the newest addition. Today I finished my proposal for my co-authored non fiction book and tomorrow I send it in. The minute I hit submit, I am off to and my new friend -- which happens to be on sale -- double points!! -- will be on its way to me!!

I can't buy it early ... like right now as I stare at it. I have to wait until I hit "Submit" and then the order is in!!

Does anyone else play the goal/reward game with themselves?!

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