Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Why I love my job ... life of a fiction writer ...

I can think of many reasons why I love my job. The fact I am a grown up with imaginary friends is just a side benefit. Right now, actually, I have this guy named Davis, really wants to be in his own book. Met him about five or six days ago and man is he demanding and adorable --Seriously Adorable -- I think I am in love after just a few days -- or is that merely a crush? Lust? I don't care what it is, I just want more of Davis.

It's just too bad I have a character and no story for him yet but we do keep talking.

"Honey, who are you talking to?"
"Okay dear, let me know how that goes." (hubby backs away slowly)

The other side benefit of my work? I work alone -- well me with five chinchillas in my office because -- be real -- shouldn't everyone have five chinchillas in their office? Okay, okay, wasn't one of my best plans, but damn they are cute and I think they might love me even with that brain size. I swear they get this look in their eye when they are all lined up on the side of the cage, staring at me all at once with that mixture of creepy and "Mom!!!"

I enjoy the company of "people" like Davis and though he is annoying in his persistence, he really is wonderful. And the above cartoon, which I loved? I don't think I would make in this the kind of job market and if I did, not quite sure where I would end up on the chart. Know I wouldn't be at the bottom and rarely feel clueless, though again, most of the people I am talking to are imaginary and well, you can sorta manipulate that conversation -- unless it's Davis. But to make it to the top? Really? I know people like Davis like to talk -- and I have a hundred Davis' in my head, filed away, but that just makes me a fiction writer and not a sociopath, right? I don't know ... maybe there is some sort of "path" in there somewhere with my job choice!! But I do know I love it!!

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