Saturday, July 18, 2009

Death by Chocolate Party, Thursday night ...

The Kiss of Death's Death by Chocolate Party is probably the single most important affair of the conference for me. It's the one night that I get to see all my online friends from my primary RWA Chapter. I look forward to this one Thursday night for months and months and months.

It was also the night I got to show off the custom made copy of a Marilin Monroe dress )-- complete with wearing Channel #5 -- --) I had made for just this occasions. Of course, none of the photo's of it turned out so all we get is a close up of the the pleating and the red shoe pin I wore the whole conference. It was part of the Golden Heart finaling: We named ourselves "The Ruby Slipper Sisters" and this is the pin we got to wear for the next -- well -- forever!! Every conference after this, we will wear this pin.

The DBC, as the party is known, was amazing as always and I saw all my old freinds as well as contected in person with some I had only known online. It was a wonderful night.

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