Saturday, July 18, 2009

Golden Heart Reception ...

I was the first person to the reception and I got the first seat. Don't know if that is because no one was guarding the door when I got there and I just walked in, or I was supposed to wait in line after the fact with others. I do know I got to play with the photographer Ken, a really nice guy who (shhh) watched me steal a cupcake early.

He took alot of photos-- he liked my tat with the red shoes -- but I didn't get to use my camera. So there is not even a photo of me getting presented with my Golden Heart Certificate by the President of RWA, Diane Pershing. She didn’t do all of them, so I felt pretty honored.

The heads of the reception had a "silence" rule -- no one was allowed to clap until the end of the category. But to hell with that, when they announced my friend Kelly's name, I not only whopped and yelled, I said she was in Utah and got scolded "She's in Utah so you get to break the rule ..."

Yeap!!! I do!! And since she won, I would say my response was appropriate!!

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