Monday, July 13, 2009

Workbook Ordering Information ...

To answer those who contacted me: if you are not going to be able to pick up a Workbook in Washington DC, then I can take care of you.

Remember 100% of *all* proceeds go to The Northern Arizona Romance Writers of America.

* The price of the workbook is $17.00

* If you are interested in the supplemental 52 week calendars that is not shown, is $10.00 and that is just covering printing price.

* Shipping: an even $3.00.

If you send a check made out to NARWA to:

Jacqui Jacoby
c/o Body Count Productions, Inc
Post Office Box 3478
Flagstaff, Arizona 86003

... I will take care of it the week I get back from DC.

And thanks for not only the interest, but for the support, too.

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